Uber files patent right for surge pricing

Surge pricing in ride-hailing services is disliked by all of its users.However uber will not be removing it any time soon.The company has introduced a feature where the user has to enter the surge price factor before hailing the taxi.This makes sure that the user is aware of the rise in price. The company has also got patent rights over this feature.

The patent filed in 2013 has five inventors from the company listed CEO Travis Klavanick director of design Shalin Amin director of engineering Curtis Chambers, Engineering site lead Ryan Mckillen and former head of product Mina Radhakrishnan.

Though this feature has patent rights looks similar to old Gmail labs feature that made late night weekend mailers to do math problems to make sure they were not sending it when drunk.
The main reason to introduce this feature was to make sure that the users were aware of the rise in price. According to the company, price rise is to bring more drivers on road during times of high demand.The high demand period is generally when most people come out of the bar late nights or early mornings.The surge price goes up to 10 times as high as the original price.

On New Year eve many riders took to social media to complain the heavy price of uber.Some rider’s complain that hundreds of dollars were charged for a ride and a woman even went for crowd funding to pay her $362 ride on Halloween night.

Uber like service for women

The ride hailing service dedicated to women is being launched under the name “chariot”.The company is launched by ex uber driver with the aim to cater women riders with an additional layer of security.

Popular transportation services like Uber and Lyft are accused of failing to provide security to their riders and drivers.The companies have also refused to fingerprint their drivers and many incidents of misconduct.
Chariot aims to address this issue by fingerprinting all its drivers.Further the company has decided to employ only women drivers and a complete rigorous background check.

Uber and Lyft have declared that the company will increase the number of women drivers in due course.At present Uber has 29 percent and Lyft has 30 percent women drivers.
Chariot is a win-win situation for both drivers and riders, both of them feel secured to offer a ride and take a ride.The company now has 1,000 registered drivers. However there is a legal hurdle which states that a job cannot be denied to a person based on gender when he or she is capable of doing it.

Similar to chariot many start-ups rare focusing on niche market rather than taking completely on Uber.At present there are taxi services targeted at kids’,women elderly people and women.
As per policy Uber and Lyft are not supposed to take an un-supervised minor below the age of 10 for a ride.

Uber Triples Its Fare in London

A strike of London’s underground workers promoted Uber to triple its fare in London. The surge price of the ride sharing company was raised three times higher than the typical fare of a ride during the strike and it attracts many capital workers.

Drivers who work in Uber are not employees, but they are contractors who can work as they wish. They can work in a flexible basis as little as they want. During demand of peak hours, fares will be increased temporarily to incentivize more drivers who are ready to work on the platform.

Due to this strike of tube workers, many people turn towards the ride sharing industry Uber. There was high demand for Uber rides on the day of tube strike as people were unable to move around the capital.

Already there is scarcity in the Uber cars, so raising the fares will put many people to move away from this service, thereby suppressing demand. Umber’s plan to raise prices with increase in demand was the right decision.

If Uber keeps the fare unchanged, then thousands of Uber users will spend their time on the phone for hailing cars.

Rather than building queues for getting cars, car hailing on a ‘First come, first serve’ basis is better and that is why Uber decided to raise the fares.

Another idea being the fare raising is that the people who urgently require rides will be ready to pay more while others choose other modes of transport, instead of going with a high fare service.

Be generous with tips for your Uber drivers

Uber is the world famous ride hailing network that is operating in more than 500 cities across the globe. It poses a potential threat to the traditional yellow cabs and its rival Lyft. The US based company is the most valuable startup and it is worth $51 billion now. How freaking awesome is that? According to a survey, the Uber economy is likely to take down other economies in near future. But the critics say there is no more space left for Uber to grow wider.

Uber has got a lot of features in its bag and its users are more than happy. But are the Uber drivers happy with the service? The answer is going to be yes and no as well. Usually, the customers tip the local taxi drivers or the so called “yellow cab” drivers. But they do not follow the same gesture with the Uber drivers. It is not going to cost you a limousine or a three bedroom apartment, so it is not a big rocket science in being generous!

Uber offers the rating system for both the drivers and the riders; hence, less generosity in providing tips could cost you a 5 star rating. After all, a sequence of low ratings could eventually deactivate your Uber account and you do not want that to happen! You may never know, your generous tips could bring a million dollar smile to Uber drivers after a very bad day!

Uber Returns to San Antonio

After abandoning its service in San Antonio, official in San Antonio has proposed to come back again in the city.

The Mayor announced that she has received the proposal but has not given any response for that, but shared the news with hundreds of officials who attended second official tech bloc events. Tech bloc is a local technology advocacy group that pushes city leaders to bring back Uber.

Uber halted the operation in the month of April after the city passed new regulations regarding the launch of new ride hailing companies. Uber officials considered those policies as one of the most restrictive one and the company left by having direct negotiation with the city officials. The background check will be included in the Uber’s major issues.

This ten print background check is for its own drivers to check whether they are qualified for working as a driver in Uber. The company relies on its own system for performing the background checks on its drivers.

The new policies were approved by the city’s public safety concern for the safety of the passengers and on 1st April Uber shuts down its operation in San Antonio. After that incident, Uber drivers have been limited from operating in the outlying municipalities that includes Wind crest and Alamo Heights.

The background check is for the safety of the passengers and they will never cause any impact to the drivers of Uber.

The group persuaded for the comeback another ride hailing company Uber. The city brings out a new rule that encourages the Lyft drivers to undergo background checks.

Uber Launches Car Pool Option for Bangalore Private Drivers

Uber, a ride hailing Smartphone app launches its new feature UberCOMMUTE in Bangalore on  Jan 4. This new feature enables private drivers of cars to share their ride with passengers who are directing in the same destination. This feature will be available in the city between 7am to 9pm.

This launch took place three months after Uber launched its uberpooling option in Bangalore, where riders can share their ride and cost of the travel.

The idea behind this carpool is to reduce pollution and congestion as people share their rides and compress the use of cars. This also reduces their cost for the ride and gives them a company throughout their ride.

Uber is very excited to launch this scheme in Bangalore to give a reliable, efficient and affordable journey to Bangaloreans. Most of the people rely on this option as it serves their travel cost by buying http://www.dectar.com/taxi-dispatch-software.

Bangalore is the second city in India to experience UberCOMMUTE service after its launch for private drivers in the city.

Bangalore has experienced heavy traffic congestion and pollution past year with the use of over 1,600 cars in the city. The Karnataka government and Bangalore traffic police are working hard to  solve this issue. It is expected that UberCOMMUTE will clear out this issue by compressing more number of people in less number of cars due to lower cost.

This model of service has been activated in various countries, as half of the ride in San Francisco and thirty percent of the rides in Los Angeles are based on the carpooling model, reducing tones of pollution.

Malaysia Can Expect More Number of Uber Drivers This Year

Uber, one of the popular rides sharing economy is expected to hit its business as it expects more number of drivers to start their service in Malaysia.

Uber officials also informed that the company will raise the income range of drivers and enable people to depend less on their own cars. These opportunities provide an opportunity for Uber drivers to earn extra income by serving the passengers on their rides.

Some taxi drivers opposed the Land Public Transport Commission last year in the month of December for providing declarations for the ban of Uber, but Uber is planning to resolve these issues by promoting more drivers as they plan to provide new economic opportunities in the city which suffers from certain economic issues.

Uber is also planning to increase the amount of products in the company for efficient time and seat purposes. It has activated over 60,000 as Uber driver partners, but it doesn’t mean that they all are active in the field.

Ride sharing economies have experienced the sort of opposition from Malaysia as they said that their income is affected, where these kinds of services will offer low rates when compared to the taxi industry.

The company is planning to block the streets of Kuala Lumpur, if the company’s Uber and Grabcars were made legal.

Most Taxi drivers have an agenda to fight against the ride sharing companies and they are asking government to improve the taxi industry.

Will Uber Drivers Hang On Uber?

Uber consider its drivers as contractors as they can work at any time they want may be for part time or full time, but they need to pay for fuel, cars, maintenance and many more.

If Uber drivers were actual employees, then it provides a better deal for drivers which include free cars, holiday pay and health insurance.

The car park area in the Sanfrancisco international airport has been always full with a long queue as they were not allowed to sit anywhere else even in the taxi rank as they will get a fine. The car will be executed as soon as the request is made. Some drivers will be waiting in the queue for more than an hour.

In the debate of Uber drivers as employees or contractors, some drivers like to work part time and some like to work full time.

Drivers who like to work as contractors, says that they need a boss and clock in and out time for break if they want to be an employee.

Uber offers loans for the drivers to get a car, where the loan will be deducted from their earnings each month, which made them to strain more on work. Due to this few drivers like to proceed as employees for the pay benefits.

As Uber is getting more popular, drivers need to work for more than 16 to 17 hours to earn better, which was 10 hours earlier. Some drivers are not even getting customers after waiting for an hour, as Uber is hiring lots of people. So drivers are in hesitation whether to cling with the ride hailing company or not.

Uber breaks Facebook’s record for the most valuable startup in the world

Uber, an American based transportation network was found in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. The ride hailing company is a massive hit around the world and it is making hell a lot of money off it. According to sources, there is no more space left for the company to grow. But Travis says the company is working on the new features to further extend its service across the globe. We can soon expect the company to provide its service to an isolated island along the Bermuda Triangle, just kidding guys!

Facebook was the most valuable startup until Uber interrupted the world with its enormous service. Earlier this year, Uber has collected around $51 billion as its market revenue. Very impressive! It has even broken the record that was previously set by Facebook for the most valuable startup. Mark Zuckerberg would be doing some “serious talk” with his team right now.

According to statistics, Uber has surpassed Xiaomi’s record for collecting $46 billion. Airbnb is currently in the third position with $25 billion as market revenue.

Uber is operating in 300 cities across 58 countries and is a potential threat to its rival Lyft. It is also slowly taking down the traditional taxis and yellow cabs with its mighty brand name. It has also partnered with famous companies for marketing purposes and it has a strong media influence as well. Let us hope the local taxi services do not say sayonara in near future.

Ways to find your Uber Passenger rating

Uber, the ride sharing company is the most used and famous in 300 cities across 58 countries. It is a potential threat to the local taxi services especially Lyft. Every company has a rating system and so does Uber. It has a rating system for the drivers’ performance and passengers as well. How freaking cool is that?

The Uber drivers get to rate the passengers and based on the voting, the passengers could even be temporarily blocked. Likewise, the passengers can rate the drivers and a poor performance could even fire the drivers. However, several people are clueless regarding the rating system on Uber.

If you want to login through web, go to the appropriate website and create an account. You will then receive a mail from Uber with the rating.

If you want to login on app through your smart phone, click on the profile icon and choose the “Help” option. Then select the “Account” option and tap on “I’d like to know my rating”. Finally, click the “submit” option and you are good to go. You will receive a mail from Uber with the rating.

If the passengers and drivers fail to get the minimum rating, they would no longer be a part of Uber community. Have a safe ride with your Uber and behave well during the ride.