Web Development Tactics Your Company Should Avoid

In our current era, nothing can kill a brand faster than showcasing a website that delivers a weak or outdated user experience. The dwell time of that customers linger on a home page only grows shorter with decreasing attention spans. By avoiding these web development trends in your designs, you’ll keep your website from aging.

Overdesigned Webpages
When considering the landing page of your website, taking a minimalist approach to your design will entice customers to stay longer. Sites that are cluttered with material and crammed to the brim with text and content will cause your visitors to click away quickly.

Noise and clutter easily distract from your companies brand and message, leaving potential leads confused as to what and who you are trying to market. Every aspect of design on your website needs to focus towards the goal of creating clear communication between your company and the client.

Ignoring the Needs of Mobile Users
With smartphones becoming more accessible than laptops, computers, and other browsing devices, it’s important not to leave them out of the equations when designing and developing your site. There have been recent studies showing that over half of local searches performed are on a mobile device. Without a robust design that caters towards both mobile and non-mobile users, you’re ignoring more than half of your potential leads.

Creating website content that is responsive from the beginning of your development cycle will cut down on costs and future headaches in the long run. Responsive design allows for one form of content to be displayed on both platforms, creating ease of tension when worrying about duplicate information or SEO keywords.

Automatically Starting Music
This old trend is startling to headphone users and often unwelcome with any customer base. Since most potential viewers are on mobile devices, this either means that they are wearing headphones or the music would be playing out in the open. Leaving your customer to scramble to turn down the audio will undoubtedly leave a bad taste in their mouths about the rest of your site and even product.

Outdated Style
If anything from typography to stock images screams out to your customer that your brand is stuck in the past, users will be looking for a new client in a heartbeat. Users want content that is new and reliable. Even if your company posts the most cutting-edge information in your niche, a website with an outdated style will drive customers away instantly.